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Creating lists in HTML

Creating Lists

There are two ways to create lists, both similar, but giving different results. There are two types: ordered and unordered.

Unordered Lists

Let’s start off with unordered lists. These are basically bulleted lists. To create these, just open a <ul> and create <li> in them. Li stands for list items.

    <h1>What does STEM mean?</h1>

Ordered Lists

Time for ordered lists. These are basically numbered lists. They are created the same way as unordered lists, but instead of <ul>, we use <ol>

    <h1>To-Do List</h1>
        <li>Dry Clean</li>
        <li>Feed Dogs</li>

End of HTML Basics

And that’s the end of our HTML basics. In the next section, we will be going over how to add colors, create objects, and more using CSS.