Mini Project - Are you truly free yet?

Applying your knowledge to a simple booleans problem

Are you truly 'free' yet?

To a lot of teenagers and young adults, freedom is first felt when they have the opportunity to leave their homes on their own and drive off to wherever they want to go. This is the ‘freedom’ one feels when he or she first drives.


For this project, you will write a program that checks to see if you are legally allowed to drive a car yet. There are 2 prerequisites that must be met: You must be 15 (in Texas), and must have finished a drivers’ ed course. We will check both in this program. The input variables (which you must define at the beginning of the program) are ‘age’ (an integer) and ‘completed_course’ (a boolean). Now, let loose, and print a message that tells the user if he/she is ready to be ‘free’ in consideration of the given variables!