Web Development and CMS

About Web Development and Python web development frameworks

What is Web Development?

Web development is the work involved in developing a website. It is based on the idea of designing web pages using HTML, CSS, and JS, while also managing the back-end processing on the server using server-side languages, like Python. We offer a course on web development that could serve as a great starting point for your web development endeavours.

Django and Flask

With Python, web development can be done thanks to support from the Django and Flask frameworks. Both frameworks make web development easier by providing the basic code needed for most websites while also allowing for easy changes to the code to make websites fulfill their specific needs.

Where to learn

Before you dig into python web development, you should probably get a basic understanding of web design on its own. We recommend you take a look at our Web Design course for this purpose. Once you’ve acquired a good understanding of web development, to dig into Django or Flask, we recommend looking at their respective websites and documentation online, or taking an online course specific to either of the frameworks.