Python's Extensive Potential

Understanding why Python is so popular

General Purpose?

Python is a general-purpose programming language. It is used for everything from web design to robotics. It isn’t built specifically for any particular use, but it is easy to learn and use for several applications thanks to the wide range of libraries and frameworks posted by individuals and companies online.

Concept of Libraries and Frameworks

Python is this useful largely because of its wide range of libraries and frameworks. Libraries are collections of templates and pre-written code that we can use in our own code (like the built-in functions we worked with earlier, but for more specific uses). Frameworks are made of software which has the basic/generic code for a certain application (Web Development, Robotics, etc) that can then be selectively edited by programmers to build application-specific software.

Examples of Use

Python has become extremely popular in several areas of software development thanks to this wide codebase. It has become popular in robotics, AI, web development, game development, and IoT. Major tech companies are also using python for a lot of their data processing.