Mini Project - Classes

Car Information Kiosk


For this mini project, let’s create a program that has information about a few car models in it, and asks the user to pick a car, after which, the program proceeds to describe that car. The car’s information should be stored as objects of classes, rather than just variables. Also, you’ll need to use the input() function to allow the user to provide input, as in earlier projects.

The program should look something like this when run…

Model Name: 

And when input is given…

Model Name: Merc E 330

About the Merc E 330:
The Merc E 330 is a(n) sedan with 400hp and costs $40000.    

And with a different input…

Model Name: Caterham A5

About the Caterham A5:
The Caterham A5 is a(n) sports car with 700hp and costs $75000.