LEGO Mindstorms

Turning with the Move Blocks

Understanding how to make the robot turn in the program

Types of turning

There are two main types of moving: Point Turn and Gate Turns. Both can be done, but have different ways to achieve them.

Point Turn

To make a point turn, you use the Move Tank block. All you have to do is make one motor go forwards and the other go backwards. It's as simple as adding a negative sign(-). You can experiment with this by changing each one of the motor powers.

Gate/Pivot Turn

For a pivot turn, set one motor to power 0, and one motor to the desired power.

Steering Block

The Steering Block allows you to set the power for the motors to run at, the angle of turning, and the maximum number of rotations either of the motors can move for. We don’t recommend using the Steering Move Block because it is difficult to be accurate with.


Try making a program that drives straight for 3 rotations, makes a 180 degree turn, and drives back to it's original starting point.

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