FTC Programming

Control Hub

Setting up the new control hub

What is the Control Hub

The Control Hub is a new product from REV that combines the Robot Controller and Expansion Hub. Some new ports include USB, USB-C, and HDMI. Since there is no visual output, we reccomend buying a small raspberry pi screen, if you plan to use the Control Hub interface.

How do I use it?

To set it up, just plug in a battery. Take out your DS Phone and go into Settings -> Connection Type -> and select Control Hub. Then click WiFi-Settings, and find the WiFi network. It looks like this: FTC-XXX. The password is password . We will change these both in the next step.

How do I access OnBot?

To access OnBot, go to this IP Address: For a normal RC/Expansion Hub setup, you go to 49 instead of 43. To change your WiFi network name and password, go to Manage, and change them. Each time you change your network name or password, you will lose connection and will have to rejoin to the new network/with the new password.

Current Bugs

Since the Control Hub is restricted to a few regions and is still in testing, there are some bugs. We noticed early on that when using an external camera with Vuforia, there was a bug(RGB565) that would crash the program. Luckily, after posting on the Control Hub Pilot Forum, FIRST responded with a workaround. This is needed for all external camera usage.

If you are a Blocks or OnBot Java user and you want to use an external web camera, then you will need a 32-bit only version of the Robot Controller app. Unfortunately until the 64-bit issue with the external library is fixed, you will not be able to download the Robot Controller app with webcam support from the Google Play store. Instead, follow these directions.

  1. Backup copies of your old Blocks and OnBot Java op modes.
  2. Download a 32-bit only version of the Robot Controller app from here.
  3. Install this 32-bit only version of the Robot Controller onto your Robot Controller device:
    • If you are a Control Hub user, follow the instructions here to install the 32-bit only version of the app. Important Note: When you update your Control Hub, make sure you use the 32-bit version of the app that you downloaded from step #2!
    • If you are a phone user, since you cannot use Google Play, you will have to sideload the 32-bit version of the app onto your Robot Controller Android phone. There are good resources on the Web that show you how to sideload an app.
  4. After you update your Robot Controller with the 32-bit only version of the app, make sure you have a valid configuration file activated.
  5. You can now use the 32-bit only version of the app to edit and run your Vuforia-enabled op modes using an externally connected webcam.

How to install an app in OnBot

After downloading the APK above, go into OnBot, scroll down to Update Robot Controller and select the APK. Then, hit Upload. This will take a few minutes, but once it is done, everything should be working. Have any questions? Feel free to contact us.