FTC Programming

Computer Setup

Let's get your computer setup for programming.

Computer Setup

Let's get your computer setup for programming.


Earlier in the documentation, we mentioned IDEs, such as Visual Studio Code and Atom. Again, an IDE is an Integrated Developer Environment. For programming your FTC robot in Java, there are two options, with pros and cons. We are talking about Android Studio and OnBot Java.

Our Choice

We will be using OnBot due to its flexibility and quick connection for the rest of the documentation. If you want to use Android Studio, do so by all means. Everything will work, you will just spend a bit more time on the uploading of your code. Android Studio requires wired code uploading, but there are workarounds if you want wireless, just know it won't be as fast as OnBot.

Login to OnBot

In the last lesson, we established WiFi-Direct between our Robot Controller and Driver Station. Logging onto OnBot is even easier. First off, make sure the phones are connected.

Wi-Fi Direct Settings

On either phone, press and click on Program & Manage. You will see "Robot Controller Connection Info". The page will show the wireless network, password, and the web interface link. Stay on this page.

Login to the Wifi

On your computer, go into WiFi Settings, and select the wireless network mentioned above. Type in the password and login. When you are connected, go to your web browser(We prefer Chrome), and type in the web interface link. It should be:

What next?

If you see the OnBot home page when you type in the link on your computer, you have successfully connected to OnBot. In the next section, we will setup our file to get ready to program a TeleOp program.