Learn the basics of Python through fun mini-projects.



An Introduction to Programming

An overview of the concept of programming and common programming languages


An introduction to the Python programming language

Getting Set Up

Setting up a programming environment

What is Syntax?

A conceptualization of the term 'syntax'

Data Types and Variables

Understanding the different data types and the concept of the variable

Print() Function

An important function that we will use throughout this course to display output

Arithmetic Operations

An overview of how to perform basic math in Python

More on Strings

Additional information regarding the advanced properties of strings


An introduction to an important concept that is vital for efficient software development and teamwork

flag_circle_fill Mini Project - Basic Syntax

Ticket Machine

checkmark_circle_fill Solution - Basic Syntax

Ticket Machine

Purpose of Functions

The benefits of using functions

Basic Functions

Writing functions in Python

Using Arguments

Calling functions in Python

Variable Scope

Global vs. Local variables

More on Functions

Additional Documentation from

If Statements

The most basic element of control flow in Python

Elif and Else Statements

Using alternate cases in Python

Multiple Conditions

An overview of the operators used for multiple conditions


The basics of looping in Python

More on Control Flow

Additional Documentation

flag_circle_fill Mini Project - Control Flow

PIN Security System

checkmark_circle_fill Solution - Control Flow

PIN Security System


Organizing information in lists

List Methods

Built-in methods that make lists easier to work with


Organizing information in dictionaries

More on Data Structures

Additional Documentation

flag_circle_fill Mini Project - Lists and Dictionaries

Shopping List

checkmark_circle_fill Solution - Lists and Dictionaries

Shopping List

Classes and OOP

An introduction to object-oriented programming

Python Class Syntax

The syntax for classes and objects in Python


About the __init__() function in Python


Concept of Parent and Child Classes


A seemingly difficult concept dealing with method overriding

More on Classes

Additional Documentation

flag_circle_fill Mini Project - Classes

Car Information Kiosk

checkmark_circle_fill Solution - Classes

Car Information Kiosk

star_circle_fill Python's Extensive Potential

Understanding why Python is so popular

star_circle_fill Object Detection and Tensorflow

An overview of how Python is used for object detection

flag_circle_fill Hangman Project

A fun project for beginner Python programmers to work on

checkmark_circle_fill Hangman - Solution

Our code for the Hangman Game

star_circle_fill Web Development and CMS

About Web Development and Python web development frameworks

star_circle_fill Internet of Things

An interesting application of Python that we are starting to see all around us

star_circle_fill Popular Tech Companies

How successful tech companies are using Python

star_circle_fill Robotics and AI

An overview of AI and Machine Learning

star_circle_fill FIRST Robotics

An interesting way to get involved in programming as a high-school student