Learn the basics of the language of the engineering world.


Welcome to MATLAB

One of the most popular languages for engineers worldwide.

Learning the Interface

Getting to know what is available to us.

Intro to Variables

Inputting our first commands in MATLAB.

Using Matrices

Understanding the building blocks of MATLAB.

Additional Uses of Matrices

Dive even further into what MATLAB does with matrices.

flag_circle_fill Mini Project - Squaring Matrices

Time to put your knowledge to the test.

checkmark_circle_fill Solution - Squaring Matrices

Answer to the previous exercise.

Indexing into Arrays

How to pinpoint a specific value from a matrix.

Extracting Multiple Values from Arrays

Indexing into a single array and getting several outputs.

Transposing Matrices

Using the tools of MATLAB to convert matrices into other dimensions.

Clearing Tips

How to keep an organized interface and clean slate to work on.

Exploring Strings

How to use strings and characters in MATLAB.

Functions in MATLAB

Learning the tools MATLAB has available.

Using 2D Plots in MATLAB

Building visual graphs to see patterns and causation.

Making 3D Plots

Visualize complex models in three-dimensional space.

flag_circle_fill Mini Project - Cowboy Hat

A project that will allow you to make a cool 3D design.

checkmark_circle_fill Solution - Cowboy Hat

Answer to the previous exercise.

Creating and Managing Files

How to store data and come back to them for future use.

Live Script Editing

Edit code and see a clearer organization of data.

Conditional Statements

Creating loops and statements that run repeatedly.

MATLAB Documentation

How to navigate MATLAB’s broad documentation.

MATLAB and Beyond

Using a versatile language for engineering purposes.