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Work @ STEMpump

We’re a student startup. We couldn’t find opportunities and experiences, so we made them ourselves.
Since our founding, we have created a community of 40K+ students from 110+ countries.
On top of that, we’ve been featured on Apple’s “Apps We Love Right Now” and “Today” on the App Store.

That’s pretty cool.

We are looking for people with the same passion as us, and who want to get industry experience, that just doesn't exist. Join a team working on a cutting-edge platform to give everyone the opportunity of free education. No experience needed at all, we'll teach you everything. A stress-free, motivating, and remote work environment.

We want to drive innovation and creativity, and that starts with you. Below, you will see a description of some of our teams, and what each one does.
We are currently only hiring in the USA and Canada. Ages 14-20 only.


The technologies team works on all things development. From designing our infrastructure, all the way to development on our apps, and more. We use the latest and greatest technologies in our platforms, so we're always ahead of the game. But we aren't all programming. We work on accessibility, and both UI/UX design. Design is at our core, and we make sure that we have exceptional design, every step of the way. If you are interested in Computer Science and/or Interface Design, this is the team for you.


The media team works on creating content, such as videos and graphics, that tie into the STEMpump ecosystem. Whether it be editing a livestream, or creating a images for courses, this team works on everything involving media and content. If you are interested in Graphic Design and/or Video Editing, this is the team for you.


The business team works on the legalities, financials, and more. Their main job is making sure everything is operating properly, hiring new talent, as well as working on content you see around the site. If you are interested in Business, Legal, and/or Accounting this is the team for you.


The marketing team works on communications and social content. They work on user retention, as well as increasing our userbase. They also work on user support, feedback, and posting and maintaining a social identity. Along with this, they connect with our users, find out what's good, bad, and needs fixing. Social media's your thing? This is the team for you.


The projects team focuses on long-term goals. Think of it as the "STEMpump Think Tank." They come up with all the cool ideas and projects we work on. Creative and got cool ideas? This is the team for you.

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When we look at applications, we put experience to the side and focus more on you. What's quirky or interesting about you. What unique perspectives/experiences you can bring to STEMpump. The application is designed to give us a good idea of who you are, not what you know. The more specific, the better. Telling us what you know helps, but also what you want to learn, where your passions lie.

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