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Here are answers to some common questions.

We have a passion for STEM, and we'd like to share that passion. By exposure to different technologies, students learn about the different fields of STEM and what they are interested in. We also care about having resources available for everyone. That's why all of our camps are released online within a week of the actual camp. 

Just click on the CAMPS tab above, and sign up. Just fill out the form, and you're in. That easy.

For every bootcamp, we have a suggested grade level for the camp. The higher the grade, the more complex the course is.

Every bootcamp is 100% free. Always. We believe that everyone should have access to the same resources as others.

If you signed up and you can't attend, just shoot us an email. If you don't, we will be expecting you, and that messes up with the quantity of computers, robots, etc. we have.

Every STEMPump camp is designed, prepped, and taught by a group of high school students. We are 100% student-led, and that's one of the things that make us special.