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One of the most popular languages for engineers worldwide.

Welcome to MATLAB


What is MATLAB?

MATLAB is a very powerful programming language that is widely used in the engineering field, so it is a valuable skill to know MATLAB if you wish to pursue a field in the engineering world.

MATLAB is short for “Matrix Laboratory” because it revolves around using matrices to store data that may be found in variables, files, plots, and pretty much everything in MATLAB. If you are unfamiliar with matrices, don’t worry. We will be covering matrices along with the basics of MATLAB in this course.

What will we be using for this course?

MathWorks, the company that built MATLAB, offers a free browser based version of MATLAB that you can access via this link:

First, make a MathWorks account by clicking on the profile icon in the upper right corner.


When the page asks you if you would like to switch emails, just stick with the current email you have then, verify your email address.

Answer all the required fields to the best of your ability. This may seem like a complicated process just to create an account, but that is because once you have a MathWorks, you can access a lot more than just MATLAB, which I recommend you explore after you finish this course if you want to be an engineer in the future.

Ignore the field that asks for an “Activation Key”.

Once you have clicked “Create”, you will be redirected to the products page of MathWorks. On this page, click “Trial software”.


Fill out the field on the right side of the screen (Download Trial Software).

Finally, click on “Start your MATLAB Online Trial”.


Congrats! You now have a free online browser to run MATLAB code from the makers themselves!

In the next lesson, we are going to go over the layout of the interface and explain what each area does.