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An introduction to the language behind Apple.

Welcome to Swift


What is Swift?

Swift is a general-purpose programming language created by Apple. It is super powerful and intuitive, making it easy to learn. The language was designed to be easy to read, write, and understand. It was created based on research from other languages, has inferred types, and tries to make you write as little as needed. This may not make sense now, but it will once we start to dive in.

Latest Update

The latest version (as of this writing) of Swift is 5.1. It brings tons of great features, as well as a slimmed down way to develop cross-platform apps easily, called SwiftUI. Swift is similar to Objective-C, which once was Apple’s core language for development.

What are we going to learn in this course?

This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Swift. Before we can go ahead and start creating amazing apps, we need to understand everything Swift offers us. This course is designed for those with little to no experience in Swift development and programming. The definitions you learn in this course can be transferred to other languages very easily.