About Us

Who are we?

STEMPump is a new initiative that strives to teach kids the latest and greatest technologies. Founded in September of 2019, we cover everything, from programming, robotics, even game design.

We host camps, teaching great skills for a STEM-focused future. Furthermore, we cover the latest technologies to ensure to our camps are up to date, as well as being 100% student-led. We have a passion for education and STEM, and we hope we can inspire you to have the same.

But why?

We have a passion for STEM, and we'd like to share that passion. By exposure to different technologies, students learn about the different fields of STEM and what they are interested in. We also care about having resources available for everyone.

100% student-led, all the time.

Every STEMPump camp is designed, prepped, and taught by a group of high school students. We are 100% student-led, and that's one of the things that make us special. We work with a remarkable group of students to create courses and teach camps based on their hobbies and interests. Our diverse team works towards creating content for everyone to learn from.

What else?

Since the inception of STEMpump in 2019, we have taught over 36,000 students across the United States and around the world. Through our STEMpump Online platform, we can teach more and create a larger global impact. All of our camps are always free. We believe that every student should always have access to the same resources and opportunities.

Working on STEMpump has given us new skills in the same realms of which we teach and beyond. This program benefits both sides, and that's very important. What makes us different than other programs is that we have a course catalog with a variety of courses for you to learn and use. If you cannot attend one of our camps, we have a course for it. Every single thing we teach, and then some.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us.