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We're STEMpump.

Wow, that's big.
But yeah, we're STEMpump. A group of students working towards a mission of creating a global platform for students to create and share.

In fact, that's our mission statement.

Our Mission

To provide the world with free education and give students a platform to create and share.

Here's some info about STEMpump.

Who we are

What is STEMpump?

STEMpump is an educational organization dedicated to creating a global platform for contribution, collaboration, and expression. We aim to transform traditional education by offering a modernized teaching environment that gives students a medium to learn and contribute to our mission of free education for all.

Every course on STEMpump is created by students so that anyone can learn anything new at any time. Additionally, anyone can create a course to share their skills and knowledge with our global community. We have a passion for education and STEAM, and we hope we can inspire you to have the same.

Our story

Take it from the top.

STEMpump was founded in September 2019 by a group of high schoolers as a series of in-person camps that aimed to level the playing field of STEM among students.

Following the closure of schools due to the coronavirus pandemic, STEMpump launched an online platform, STEMpump Online, that supported students during this change through a variety of live-streamed lessons.

Today, the platform has a global community of tens of thousands of students and a presence in over 110 countries.


Made with love from home.

STEMpump was created entirely from home. After hundreds of Zoom Calls, thousands of Slack messages, and lots of connection issues.

It's because of this that we are fully remote, allowing anyone to join our team.

Our team

Multiple timezones? No problem.

As we continue to do more and expand our platform, we are always looking for new talent, with or without experience. Currently, our team is based out of three cities in the US.

We are always looking to expand our team. If you are interested in a position, make sure to check out our Hiring Page.

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